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Anas khan is known as settlemania Is a digital marketing expert and video content creator. Anas khan has been giving his best in the professional digital marketing and video production sector in Indore for the last 3 years. Ace sailer of the virtual world has a plethora of expertise. In the field of meme marketing with a base of over 70 million audiences. And as far as online promotions are concerned a lot of settlemania’s content rounds vigorously on social networks. In the era of digitalisation where it has become almost a mandate for all the big names to get listed well and high on the internet, Anas khan aka Settlemania is the one-stop solution for all your growing needs on the global village of the internet.

With a humongous and wide range of working spectrum from freelancing project to listing the big names of Indore to heights of the digital world, Anas Khan has experience of three years in digital marketing and video production. Numerous successful promotional ventures, meme marketing and influencer marketing projects has helped anas to add several wings in his feather. Settlemania has rolled out its own YouTube channel to prove a prominent and efficient existence for itself on social media. Settlemania is has prepared strategic roadmaps on the quest to grow brands. Besides Anas khan and his team has a prolific grip on social media advertisements, including Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. His passion for creating quality content in the online arena drives him to create magic with his work on the internet.

My Services

Online Branding

Innovative strategies

Online branding serves you brand loyalty. Your products may get outdated and obsolete, but a strong online presence over internet and wide reach makes your brand anti ageing and capable of constantly evolving.
Anas Khan provides you wide range of options to setup a profound existence of your brand on the global village (internet). And be known for longer duration in the market.

Service offered are:

-Social media marketing
-PPC ads
-Search engine optimization
-Google knowledge panel
-Article publishing

Meme marketing

Innovative strategies

One who controls meme controls the world’. Well said by Elon who almost took the meme crypto dogecoin to the moon for real.
Memes are now being used by both small and big brands, celebrities and organisations to engage their target audience on daily basis.
Anas khan has got India’s biggest meme pages on the board with almost 70m plus audience base on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Services offered are:

-Campaign marketing
-Movies promotion
-Songs promotion
-App promotion
-Web series promotion

Video production

Innovative strategies

The audio video format and inclusion of extra features and effects will make your audience go head over heels for your brand. Psychologically people tend to get more attracted towards the audio video format on the screen. A good expressive video and placing it well on internet can be a key for your success on internet.

Promote your brand today with the professionals of settlemania where we set high standards for good video production.

Services offered are:

– Educational videos
– Interview(inhouse and outdoor)
– Corporate videos
– Reels/ Instagram content
– Influencer videos content

My Portfolio

Grow substantially many enterprises with our strategies

Shimmer jewellers

Shimmer jewellers a jewelry brand from surat which opened a branch in Indore. The Indore branch approached me and asked whether I can provide aid to flourish their Internet presence in Indore. Shimmar jeweller’s Instagram page recorded a steap growth in no. Of followers from 12.1k to 22.2k and the page’s reach god widen exponentially.

Keywits Technology

Keywits brand’s Instagram handle was nourished from scratch. It took me about 7 months to take it from 0 to almost 800 followers. With some paid ads and completely organic aid, the page’s reach was flourished over the internet.

Akshit photography’s

Akshit photography’s Instagram handle was expanded with completely organic process. With healthy hashtags and use of specific keywords, I hiked up the number of followers by 3900. The total number of followers of the page was grown up to 9187 from 5197.