Results of romancing with the brands

I will make your brand name fly high, in the limitless sky.

Shimmer jewellers

Shimmer jewellers a jewelry brand from surat which opened a branch in Indore. The Indore branch approached me and asked whether I can provide aid to flourish their Internet presence in Indore. Shimmar jeweller’s Instagram page recorded a steap growth in no. Of followers from 12.1k to 22.2k and the page’s reach god widen exponentially.

Akshit photography’s

Akshit photography’s Instagram handle was expanded with completely organic process. With healthy hashtags and use of specific keywords, I hiked up the number of followers by 3900. The total number of followers of the page was grown up to 9187 from 5197.

YouTube ads

Settlemania took over some YouTube ads campaigns and with the minimal CPV(cost per view) of 0.22rs. We managed to bring out 53.7k impression and above 1.95k views with a prolific view rate of 3.63%.

Display ads

With the cost of just 1.69k, Anas brought about 147k impression on display ads. From August 2018 to October 2020, I brought the avg CPC to 0.47 and raised the graph of impression in no time.

Google Analytics

From September 2020 to may 2021, I took keyvits website and took it to the various heights on internet. Over 8200 page views and adding up 2300 plus new users. I worked on the website for 9 months and helped the brand to yield high profits from it.

Facebook Accounts

I got a new challenge to list some Facebook accounts on broader stage. With vigorous research of time slots and proper use of specific hashtags, I worked on the accounts for 17 months. I recorded reach of19.4 million audiences and a raise of 18.7k followers on the account. (Google console)

Website of a startup called was giving to me and I was asked to place it on internet and bring audiences. I worked on it efficiently for 12 months and brought around 40.7k impressions and average CRT to 3.3%. Total 1.33k clicks were recorded on the console.

Akshit (Google console)

Recording the all time high of 3.94k impression and taking to average CTR to 10.6%. received overall 419 clicks during the span of 12 months. I handled all the social media accounts as well as Akshit photography website and took the brand’s virtual presence to new heights.

Google Analytics google analytics are quite evident that our profound SEO and organic aid has provided a good edge to the website in-front of it’s competitors. The website recorded bounce rate over 69% and 3700 plus new users were added to the website. From February 2021 to May 2021 average session duration was recorded as 48 seconds.

I worked day-to-day on juice app as it was one of the prominent responsibility to the brand. And finally with efficient SEO, we could manage to generate multiple sitelinks in just 3 months. The was placed well on internet and soon turned out to be a money spinner for the brand.

Keyword ranking

Adding another feather to our wings of success, constantly updated SEO, I brought a link called ‘benefits of cold press juice’ to google page 1 in just 3 months. The keyword was brought to a prominent place on google very efficiently and quick.

YouTube Growth

Akshitphotography’s YouTube was grown completely organically. With some researchers and specific mentioning of hashtags, the page showed up with mammoth 131k views in 3 months. The impression click- through rate was recorded as 7.1 percent. And engagement was stonked up.

Influencer Marketing

Anas khan’s profound online branding networks wings are fulled of feathers of success. One such feather is influencer marketing. While working with juice app, I approached a famous Influencer to endorse our brand and place it in the good books of consumers.