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➤ What is kelvan in marathi ?
➤ What do invitees do in kelvan ?
➤ How did kelvan traditionally used to be like ?
➤ Marathi wedding ritual
➤ Ganpati bappa morya
➤ Antrapat ritual
➤ Sankalp custom
➤ The kanyadan
➤ Satapadhi custom
➤ Karmasampati


 Kelvan meaning in marathi is a pre-wedding promising gathering that happens 2 to 3 days before the big day. Kelvan in marathi weddings is one of the significant marriage customs continued Marathi weddings.

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The kelvan function occurs after the Marathi style engagement ceremonial or the largely broadly known ‘Sakharpuda‘. It is like a Maharashtrian pre-wedding party with a significant highlight on food. This is played out a couple of days preceding the wedding.

Both the families carry out a Puja to their Kuldevta or family god for consecrations. This function is normally then followed by dinners among family and close relatives. Maharashtrian weddings perhaps less difficult and they have very few and very less ceremony distinguished with different weddings in the entire country. 

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These wedding ceremonies present the fundamental beliefs of the Marathi culture and are viewed as one of the un-rich in India. Marathi weddings shandar aur harshit hoti hai. It puts stock in happiness in easily overlooked details that make certain the essence of the entire occasion.

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A few days before the wedding function, the family members and friends of both the families are welcome to their places and close kinfolk give wedding handouts to them. Then they welcome each other’s family for dinner and gifts are swapped over as a badge of affection.

This huge ceremonial shows love, regard, and lays out a connection between the two families. In this function keepers officially give garments, adornments, and other costly things to the lady. The Kelvan service closes with a sweet and agreeable note and both the family return to their home.

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Generally, this used to be a little home-prepared vegan lunch/supper set up for the woman, her folks and kin (at max). The lady of the hour is given a little gift by the individuals who have welcomed her. Presently, it is additionally seen individuals booking dinner lobbies for Kelvan’s ! Nowadays, the ladies’ more distant family additionally welcomes the lucky man as well as the other way around.

It is smart for your family to know your life partner better. Even though this turns into even more hard to organize dates. Furthermore, nowadays the lady/lucky man’s food inclination has likewise changed the custom of serving vegan food as it were.

Kelvan Meaning in marathi


The big day services start with Ganapati puja, to look for permissions of Lord Ganesha before some other customs occur. The bride’s maternal uncles escort her to the lagna mandap, where the mangalashtakas (Sanskrit and Marathi heavenly rhymes) are being presented. The wife  and the husband need to wear the mundavalya on their heads, which is fundamentally a series of blossoms or pearls.

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As the wedding ceremonies start, the lady of the hour and the lucky man shouldn’t see one another. Thus, a silk wrap split-up is set between the two. This custom is called ANTARPAT RITUAL.


Then is The Sankalp custom where after the sacred couplets are discussed, two sees each other excitingly. Invitees shower akshata (whole rice grains) on the couple. Then the couple exchange chaplets .


Third comes the Kanyadan ritual. In kanyadan, the bride’s dad gives his little girl’s hand in the possession of the lucky man. After this, the husband ties a mangalsutra around the young lady’s neck and applies sindoor (vermillion) in the center point of her hair separating. The lady of the hour then, at that point, applies a sandalwood tikka on the husband to be’s forehead.


The last second step is the satapadhi custom; here, the bride and groom take seven rounds around the holy fire, repeating seven sacred commitments of marriage. The young lady additionally needs to drop seven little stores of rice with her right foot.


Last is karmasampati custom where the bride’s dad, alongside the recently hitched couple, goes to the deity for his favors. To add a sprinkle of humor to the service, at times the lady’s dad or sibling enthusiastically turns the husband to be’s ear, helping him to remember his duty towards the lady of the hour. This is strangled by a fantastic lunch to form the conclusion of wedding functions.

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