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Top Fashion photographers in India.

Many individuals who have dynamism for photography quit their high paid positions and seek after an inclination in photography. Photography is a spirit fulfilling position; it is likely that you click it or casing it. India is an amusing country with a mammoth degree of picture takers who make the best out of everything .The Indian picture takers have prospered in numerous classifications of photography: Wildlife, Fashion, Advertisement, Documentary and that’s just the beginning. Here are some Top Fashion Photographers of India whom you must follow and eye on..


Sheldon Santos is a new to the prospect Bollywood top fashion photographic artist and his work represents himself. He has shot with the greatest of Bollywood superstars and the names include an appearance of Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Radhika Apte, Shraddha Kapoor name a few. 

As per him, it is something he wishes to investigate further. Sheldon wants to utilize his abilities to showboat the ability of street laborer’s through his lenses, to the worldwide world. Just a decent photographer is the one, who is equipped for removing that genuine magnificence which is undetectable to an ordinary eye, and afterward introducing it to the world as a photo. Famous for his astounding ventures in the domains of fashion and cinematography, this adaptable photographic artist has generally drawn out the magnificence of art at any place he went.


Following Sheldon next is Rohan who has joined the list of top fashion photo takers of India ,Rohan Shrestha, similar to his dad, is a notable photographic artist in the Bollywood film business. He originally came to public attention because of his relationship with artist Shraddha Kapoor. His dad was a distinguished photographic artist who resigned after his mom passed away. He is 37 years of age as of 2022.In the year 2009, Shrestha made his proficient photography debut.

Despite the fact that he wanted to be a pilot or a scuba jumper. Shrestha’s fate, notwithstanding, had different thoughts. Being raised in a family with a strong visual history deep-seated a deep rooted love for photography in him. When he acquired some photography abilities he began excessively functioning as a Freelancer in 2009. 

He laid out his own studio in Aaram Nagar, Versova (Mumbai) then, at that point, he got heaps of works by popular magazines including GQ, Vogue, L’Officiel, FHM, Man’s World, Femina, People, Cosmopolitan, Verve, Harpers Bazaar and Hello!.


Photography frequently develops from an enthusiasm into a profession yet for this 18-year old, it was the opposite. Giving neck to neck competition in professional work Sasha also earns the position of best fashion picture taker . She entered her academic profession with photography as a subject in her tutoring and afterward found an enthusiasm for it. 

However, from that point forward, she has rapidly sharpened her fitness and presently has an extremely durable proposition for employment from Vogue UK, one of the goliaths of print media. Sasha interprets finding this agreement in her letter box as her first large break.Jairam draws her drive from mechanisms of by 

Karl Lagerfel the ground-breaking head of design houses Chanel and Fendi, and Peruvian style picture taker Mario Testino.According to her, her best work up until this point has been a shoot in a Kunigal ranch she did with her number one shows, Varsha Gopal and Nicole Padival. The subject of the shoot was wood sprites.


Hussain, who was brought up in North East India, accepts that it was his journeys across the globe for his work that helped form his viewpoints. As per him, a worthy photograph isn’t just artistically satisfying, yet additionally has a story to tell. Conversation, attention and human connotation- the three things that drive his choice to catch something. His all photos act like a window into the existence of his focusses, something superficial in the series he shot with the offspring of Kalpalli.

Hussain is the most renowned fashionas well as portfolio photographer among top photographers of India . Regardless of working basically in article and business photography, Farhan Hussain approaches his themes with an editorial approach. Not happy with just snapping a lovely picture, he’s put resources into every individual’s story and means to depict it honestly in a picture. He accepts that his themes are generally a significant and valid piece of the accounts I tell,” he expresses It’s Nice That.

He has converted to put resources into sympathetic and concerning his centers and he is generally headed to chip away at projects where the group lines up with the above beliefs. While he finished those tasks, Farhan never went onto a particular photography school or attempted any temporary jobs with different photographic artists. All in all, he acted like a lone overseer, creating impulses and a particular jargon enroute. Thus, he makes sense of, he doesn’t have standard or intellectual thoughts that he depends on. His work is generally underway; a continuous discussion. It implies he finds it challenging to explain his decisions as his series is grounded in instinct, not frameworks. He respects peers who can communicate their successions in words,” he says, “however I’m generally puzzled when called out.”


Grant winning photographic artist Bikramjit Bose catches that momentary thought of excellence living in the normality of the real world, giving us bits of knowledge into spaces we are not intended to see and are yet noticing, and we find that the line between the photographic artist and his picture is similarly however temporary as it very well might be beautiful. Not to say we all love bose’s art that’s why he is in this list of fashion photographer of the INDIA 

While investigating conducts we could investigate inside the bunch and, truth be told, jumbled conversions of majesty in art for this issue, he went over a Wikipedia article named ‘The Feminine Beauty Ideal’. It expressed that the ladylike brilliance ideal ‘is the arrangement of dimorphic ladylike qualities held as prevalent and alluring for sexual determination’ and that they ‘are established in the normal human fascination for concordance and equilibrium, as appeared in the auxiliary sexual attributes of the female of the species’. 

The February 2021 front of Vogue India celebrates present day love, including Haima Simoes and Shruti Venkatesh as the main same-sex couple to feature the magazine. The couple is enveloped by ‘The Ted’ scarf coat from conscious style mark Ura Maku. /Hair and cosmetics by Mitesh RajaniFor the main story ‘When Haima Met Shruti’, Bikramjit Bose photos the couple in ideas from Dior, Dhruv Kapoor, Gucci, Hermès, Levi’s, QUOD, Ralph and Russo, SavioJon, Simone Rocha x H&M, Little Things Studio and more


Taras Taraporvala is a distinguished Photographer, who was brought into the world on March 11, 1984 in India. Picture taker who is known for focusing on intricate representations of the two artists and models , one of the reasons for being in the list of best fashion photographers of India . Frequently with dark settings featuring their interestingly dyed outfits, he shares his likeness work through Instagram. He had a concise spell in a publicizing office which is the place where his enthusiasm for photography started.

 He then, at that point, chose to ponder on photography in Melbourne from 2006-2009 after which he burned through 5 years as an in-house photographic artist with Grazia India and the Times Group. He has since moved out all alone and he is exceptionally energized for the future. While working for a publicizing organization in Bangalore, he desired to deal with gems on a go for a client ( C.Krishniah Chetty And Sons). The shoot was in Bombay, at Mazda Studio and Prasad Naik, who likely will not recall this, was the picture taker. 

That was somewhat when he raised an interest in photography and when he returned to Bangalore and invested a great deal of energy with a Leica M3 shooting on film everything from my canine to blossoms and nightfalls to individuals around me.


Arjun Mark is a wonderful photographic artist and fashion photographer situated in Mumbai. Arjun’s excellence photography and photograph correcting works have been distributed in prestigious worldwide distributions, for example, Commarts Photography yearly 2010, The Photopaper Magazine and will be emphasized in a film introduced by World Photographic Arts Films. 

His radiance photography pictures were introduced during ‘The Color Awards’ and ‘Prix de la Photographie’ and hello pictures were selected under numerous classes. Because of his devotion and grasping picture creation, he has an enormous customers and he has chipped away at numerous excellence photography crusades/publicizing lobbies for Nike, Reebok, ITC, Lee, Ford, GRT Hotels and Resorts, Raddisson Hotels, Reliance, ICC World Cup 2011, Farah Khan,


Vaishnav Praveen is a photographic artist situated in Mumbai, India. He is the prime supporter of The House Of Pixels, a wedding photography association overcoming concerns among business and designed photography. One of the best duo of fashion photographers of India that are raising standards of photography and for picture takers. 

For his purposes, photography is a description. Associates in wrongdoing   Apeksha Maker and Vaishnav Praveen have in their partial ability to focus the business with any impression of Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Payal Khandwala, the Tata Group and The Collective. Their venture, The House Of Pixels, appeared after they understood they complemented each other’s assets and remunerated for each other’s deficiencies.

Apeksha Maker is for the most part awake before the birds perch on the bushes in her Mumbai area. Being a popular picture taker – altogether, she works with a portion of the top entertainment world characters and brands – she generally wants to work on her game, visiting niches of her city and then some.

The prime backer of The House of Pixels – a photography set-up that overcomes “the issue among business and theoretical photography” – is in the flourish market at 5am-ish on the grounds that that is a busy time in that piece of the town. Yet, she additionally realizes that merchants here won’t stop to model for her. Thus, she wants to chip away at the fly, improving with her techniques to catch each visually eminent second.


Upheld as the most youthful and the most impending superstar and fashion picture taker in India today, Rahul Jhangiani began his expedition at an early age. Rahul’s work ranges across different renowned brands, magazines and superstars. The picture taker has a wide portfolio with various global works in his ownership. His work has likewise gotten enthusiastic audits and acknowledgment at different exhibitions across the world.

The 26 year old picture taker is currently situated in Mumbai and works for channels across London and Barcelona. Rahul Jhangiani was brought into the world on May 30, 1991 in Mumbai, India. Big name and style picture taker who has taken snapshots of stars like Kiara Advani, Rene Borisova, and Sooraj Pancholi. His work has been counted in magazines like Verve and he has been engaged by brands like LUX.  He joined his neighbor, prestigious picture taker Subi Samuel, as an agent and understood that it was  his purpose in life. 

Then, at that point, he went to the UK to do his lords in photography. He has been in the business for only two years and has shot A-listers from Alia Bhatt and Disha Patani to Sooraj Pancholi and Diljit Dosanjh. “It’s been astonishing. I have shot with a portion of my number one individuals. My first photograph shoot was with Sooraj (Pancholi). I will constantly recollect my shoot with Hailey Baldwin (model) in Paris,” he says. 

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