Top Locations For Pre Wedding Shoot In Delhi

Top Locations For Pre Wedding Shoot In Delhi 2024 Updated



The whole city of Delhi and its surrounding provinces are overflowing with picturesque backgrounds for captivating pre wedding photography. We have arranged a rundown of commitment meeting areas close to Delhi that make certain to charm you and your affection and deliver exquisite and endearing Pre wedding photography locations in Delhi .

A pre-wedding shoot has now become all the more an essential for all weddings among millennial couples. There is a great deal of effort that goes into arranging and executing a marvelous and wonderful pre-wedding shoot. Picking pre-wedding photographic artists in Delhi NCR is a critical undertaking.

Pre-wedding photography in Delhi and all over globe  has acquired such an excess of prevalence that couples nowadays pass on no page unturned with regards to deciding on pre-wedding picture takers, exciting outfits, amazing photography sets and stunning objections. Pre-wedding photography has become so exceptionally renowned as photos clicked during this shoot makes lifetime recollections for the couple to love until the end of time.

Pre wedding locations in Delhi


Hauz Khas Village is a haven spring in the midst of the humbleness of the capital city. Situated in South Delhi, encompassed by green fields, authentic fortresses and lovely water bodies, it is a second trapped on schedule. On the off chance that you love open air shoots, Hauz Khas Village would be the most pleasant area for yourself as well as your lover!


ITC Grand Bharat is known for its a-list hospitality. This luxury resort is spread across 290 sections of land and houses superb pools, a noteworthy green, spas, wellbeing focuses and considerably more. The work of the retreat looks like an imperial royal residence. Assuming you are searching for a superb area for a photoshoot with your lover, in the midst of luxurious perspectives, ITC Grand Bharat is the place where you should be.


Maybe one of the primary Mughal landmarks, Humayun’s Tomb is an astounding legacy site and a sensational photograph of an open door. The region is encircled by water channels and nursery squares – ideal for a pre-wedding shoot in delhi  with an imperial theme.

4- Bakhtawar Pur Village

Spread more than 3 sections of land at Bakhtawar Pur Village in North West Delhi and highlighting tedious and perfectly kept up with grounds, The Shooting Village is one of the most incredible pre-wedding areas in Delhi NCR.Nestled in a stunning and succulent region, including a huge pool segment, the beautiful backgrounds for proficient couple photography meetings in Delhi are spotted with serene and bother free experiences.

 Peppered by a loosening up air and tremendous flora in the midst of field backgrounds, the photograph valuable open doors at this pre wedding location can genuinely make everything you could ever hope for materialize.


Channel out your artsy and peculiar characters at the splendidly tinted Lodhi Art District, settled between KhanMarket and Meherchand Market in Delhi. The dynamic sprinkle of vivid dividers loaded up with imaginative spray paintings by craftsmen from around the world can add to the clowning and existing feel of your heartfelt pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi. 

The bundle of splendidly painted and splendidly chartered dividers can be ideally suited for the backgrounds of two or three pictures and can be wonderful to catch the joking and light-hearted spirits of this ageless city. This pre-wedding shoot area in Delhi is free for use and can be the ideal objective for couples who appreciate knack and need to celebrate it in their expert photography meeting in Delhi.


Situated in the core of Delhi, Connaught Place has been an untouched most loved pre wedding shoot area in Delhi for couples. The spot is related with the majestic appeal of Delhi and offers the plenty of pre-wedding shoot areas to couples where they can present sincerely to make an spotless pre-wedding shoot collection. The white dividers alongside immense points of support offer an unquestionable nostalgic appeal that can’t be repeated and which functions admirably for couples according to the photography perspective.


1- Studio Pearl Photography

Studio Pearl Photography is a wedding photography and videography company situated in the city of Gurgaon. Assuming you are arranging your wedding, you may realize that each detail is necessary.

Furthermore, what’s a higher priority than having somebody to record your important day? The group of cinematographers and picture takers work in genuine photography and pre-wedding shoots in Delhi . With their sharp eye for detail, Studio Pearl Photography’s group will make them sing with delight from his extraordinary work.

2- Lenscaged Production

Lenscaged Production is a photography company situated in Shivalik arranged in South Delhi. Its plans to catch it are wonderful and valuable to squadron minutes. This organization situated in Delhi takes care of currently endless prominent and fantastic weddings in spite of a few objections and is one of the most well-known wedding photographic artists in the country. Lenscaged Production includes a group of picture takers and cinematographers who are imaginative and innovative and need to add the sorcery of Bollywood into genuine stories.

3- Shaadi Mubarak Officials

Shaadi Mubarak Officials is a wedding photography company situated in West Delhi. To cover a significant event, for example, your wedding, you require a respectable photography organization that can invest its best amounts of energy to shoot your minutes faultlessly and exceptionally. 

Assuming you are looking for one such photography organization for your wedding photography and videography, then Shaadi Mubarak Officials is the go-to choice. It has been covering weddings for quite a while and in this way, has the range of abilities expected to make your wedding photographs and recordings look breath-taking.

4- WedScoop

WedScoop is a company situated in Delhi that offers modified still arrangements and astounding photographs of matrimonial festivals. It has a profoundly exceptional and inventive group able to go to any objective. This group has insight of 5+ years and takes care of in excess of 100 weddings till now. WedScoop will offer types of assistance matching your requests and assumptions. The pictures conveyed will be a substantial exhibit of your unique event, from several shots to marvelous marriage catches. You will cherish the more than mystical photography experience with this photographic artist.

5- Cup of Stories

Cup of Stories is a photography and videography running company situated in the city of Delhi. The group figures out numerous methods of photography and catching your capacities in an alternate style. From pre-wedding to the wedding capacity, they will catch and shoot each capacity as their own and zero in on the genuine essence and sentiments that you observe on these radiant capacities. So in the event that you are searching for a group of experts who offer you a portion of the surprising photos of all your wedding capacities, then your inquiry closes here with Cup of Stories.

6- The Wedding Teller

The Wedding Teller situated in New Delhi is an expert wedding photographer who offers wedding photography and videography preparations. They are a gathering of story storytellers who have practical experience in wedding photography and pre-wedding shoots. Weddings are a passionate pleasure trip for both the lady and the man of the hour and their relatives. Hence each wedding capacity should be an expert caught by a specialist industry and has immense long stretches of involvement with the field. The Wedding Teller can be your one-stop answer for all your photography needs, and the group of experts will catch every one of your wedding capacities with outright flawlessness.

Normally a pre wedding photoshoot in Delhi  could cost you somewhere beginning from Rs 20,000/ – to Rs 1 lakh. It relies upon a wide range of elements like where you are supposing your shoot (in your city or various places like Goa, Pondicherry and so forth). Which photographic artist you are hiring (new growing photographic artist charges are very less contrasted with deep rooted studios/picture takers)

 Mind you: You receive whatever would be most pay for.

How long you have gotten ready for shoot (Generally speaking shoot is conceivable in 1 day yet a multi-day shoot gives you significantly more variety in your photographs since you can shoot in 2-3 distinct areas). Whether you need just a photograph shoot or you need both Photoshoot and Save the date video.

Pre wedding photographer in delhi

 Largely I propose that you check art by various photographers as every last one of them has their own style. Assuming you love the work of a specific photographic artist/studio, get in touch with them and request their packages. Presumptuous you feel that their charges are out of your spending plan and you can search for photographic artists with comparable work.

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