Top Locations For Pre Wedding Shoot in goa (September 2023)

Top Locations For Pre wedding shoot in Goa


The beautiful seacoast of Goa is home to some of the top features on the earth and serves as a picture-perfect host for photography. So make your marriage special with a Pre-wedding shoot in Goa. We’re always choosy with all the effects like dresses, position, and photographer when it comes to pre-wedding shoots. As it’s a one-time event that lasts ever with us. When it’s about the position, Goa will always remain on top of the list of fascinating places.

Top Locations for pre wedding photoshoot in Goa

Don’t forget to visit Goa for that very purpose! And to help you with that we’ve eleven pre-marriage shoot locations in Goa that can be a perfect match for the pre-marriage aesthetics if you’re looking for a place that isn’t just filled with jaw-dropping decors but has those trip good destinations as well.

➤ Amboli Falls

Top Locations For Pre wedding shoot in Goa

 One of the jaw on the list of pre-marriage shoot Locations in Goa, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the places hard as well also don’t forget to visit the hot spot of the WesternGhats, Amboli. It’s around 80 kilometers down from Panjim and veritably popular for the beauty of its lavish green aesthetics. It has the quality of landing you and your special bone in one of the most intimate ways possible.

➤ Terekhol Fort

Top Locations For Pre wedding shoot in Goa

The next on our list is the veritably special Terekhol Fort which is visited by the excursionists for its majesty of the stronghold. The framework is veritably unique and resembles the fineness of the Italian bodywork from the cultural golden age period.

➤ Church Of Our Lady of Spotless Conception

Goa pre wedding photography

Now let’s move on to the beautiful churches that will help you capture the effervescence of your love better than any other pre-marriage shoot location in Goa. We have got the Church of our Lady of Perfect Conception that’s inspired by the veritably beautiful Portugal architecture. Though, also you must stop by at this church and disguise for a many ethereal filmland!

➤ Baga Beach

Top Locations For Pre wedding shoot in Goa

Tailed by the church lady we have the most popular sand on the north side of Goa-the Baga Beach. You must have seen this stretch of sand in a lot of Bollywood pictures. It’s filled with night cafés, caffs, and sand shanties. Also, if you and your significant other are the bold types also this sand can offer you a lot of delightful effects to do like banana riding, paragliding, suds boarding, and much further.

➤ Chorla Ghats

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Goa has an immense timber cover in its eastern part. Trap a chance to have a lovely print session right under its cover. It’s a great way to make your photoshoot in Goa surreal. The Chorla Ghats is a picture-perfect choice because of its luxurious vegetation and enjoyable rainfall. Avoid doing a photoshoot then during the rains to enjoy a hassle-free experience. 

You can anticipate monkeys photobombing your fairytale now and also. Adventure suckers constantly visit this place to witness the stirring view and scenic beauty the place has to offer. This is among the stylish Goa pre-marriage shoot point.

➤ Calangute

Top Locations For Pre wedding shoot in Goa

You can go scuba diving, Kayaking, or indeed Wakeboarding in Goa. Let your shooter do his magic of catching the love, between those moments of adrenaline blast. Capture all your adventurer and discoverer prints. People love coming then to indulge in the fun, cheerful, and lively way in this destination of sun, beach, and suds. 

➤ Bat Island

Top Locations For Pre wedding shoot in Goa

A starry-eyed photoshoot in Goa is amiss without sand. It’s truly magical to have those peaceful blue waters as a background for your prints. A veritably candid and simple setting. There’s no surprise why these astral locales get to choose from at this balmy sand destination. There are colorful beautiful sand locales to choose from, occasionally connected with notorious shanties that vend some of the juicy seafood.

➤ Mandovi River

An indefectible couple needs an impeccable design to round their reader of life. When it comes to perfection, you cannot go wrong with a pre-wedding shoot in Goa under the stars. Catch the occasion for a glamorous pattern with a heavenly Goa in the background. The use of Drone photography is the topmost way to capture the flawless raspberry’s eye outlook.

What is the cost of pre wedding shoot in goa?

Goa is a location where one can get comforting all the Bollywood feels. Getting a pre marriage shoot in goa costs doesn’t much. It principally depends on the photographers. Pre-marriage shoot in goa generally costs around Rs.30,000 and can go up to Rs. 5 lakh or further. Also, the pre-marriage shoot depends on locations

Pre wedding price in goa

For example, if you’re hiring a photographer from New Delhi and you want your pre-marriage to be shoot in goa, the expenditure for the accommodation of the photo taker will not be included in his price, you’ll have to pay additional for it. Another situation can be if a famed shooter is shooting in goa for another customer you can hire them, in this case, you can escape from paying him the accommodation charges.


Settlemania  is the fashionable photographer in goa but he’s primarily grounded in Indore. Settlemania works worldwide. If you want to capture your marriage moments and give them a puck-tale Settlemania is a right selection for you.

who is best pre wedding photographer in goa

Not only do they capture the moments but they frame the fairytale and build your moments in such a way that your marriage photos and videos will no way go out of fashion and always remind you of the good golden days of your life when you went head over heels for your lady!!

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